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Home Styles in Tampa Bay

Finding the right home is more than choosing a certain number of bedrooms and baths. A large part of the home is dependent on the style. Even the floor plans are affected by the architecture. So if you’re looking for a spacious house with 5 bedrooms or a cozy home with a small porch, you might want to begin your search with the house style. There a variety of styles that create everlasting effects for every need, and knowing which styles are the best fit is important.

Here is a list of common architecture types we’ve compiled for your benefit:
Mediterranean HomeInfluenced from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, homes of this style typically feature courtyards, small room balconies, and stucco furnishings. Stunning arches with ornamental details allows the structure to distribute weight equally, making sturdier walls. Red tiled roofs create an air pocket between shingles that circulates cool air during the summer months. Overall, the architecture is reminiscent of warm homes built near water.
Contemporary HomeIn today’s market, contemporary architecture refers to a diverse array of styles and influences. One of the main themes of contemporary homes is the connection it builds with the outdoors – creating a feeling of spaciousness within. Natural components and sustainable material are the key features to a contemporary home, where natural light warms and brightens the rooms. So if you’re looking for spacious rooms with large windows, contemporary architecture is a style you should search.
Ranch HomeSometimes considered a subtype of modern-style architecture, ranch-style homes typically model a casual outlook on architecture. To maintain the ranch’s “low profile,” homes are usually a single-story and often have asymmetric outlines that are shaped like “L”s or “U”s. There’s more of an emphasis on the backyard, as ranch homes were designed for a private life out back. So if you’re looking for a more cozy and efficient home, try searching ranch-style homes.
Modern HomeMost people would confuse modern architecture with contemporary houses, but in truth, they are very different. Modern homes reflects the modernist art movement, showcasing open living spaces, technologically-advanced materials, and geometric lines. Having an open floor plan means that rooms are subdivided with hard walls. An easy example is the living room/kitchen combination. You can see through each room and enjoy the pleasure of more space. So if you love more space, check out modern homes in the Tampa Bay area.

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