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South Tampa Waterfront Waterfront Canal Dredging Tampa Tampa Canal Preservation

Hello Tampa!

Having a couple of waterfront homes listed on canals in South Tampa that need dredging, we’re getting a lot of calls about the status of the dredging, process, finances, etc. Before I took the listings (4901 W San Nicholas and 2214 S Occident), I wanted to make sure to thoroughly educate myself on the status of the dredging of the waterfront canals in affected Tampa and South Tampa neighborhoods.

Due to the market in these homes price range and the issues with the canals and lack of consistent boating access, the waterfront market in these neighborhoods in the $400k-$900k price range has had little activity over the last year. If you are a buyer thinking about these affected properties, NOW is the time to act. Once this dredging is done, and it will get done, the values of these homes are going to increase and you will have less leverage as a buyer to get a great deal. These properties are in a great position to not only benefit from the market rebound but benefit greatly from better water access at a very low price. It’s leveraging at its finest.

If the schedule stays on pace, there should be more news soon about progress. If you are a customer thinking about buying or selling a South Tampa Waterfront home, contact us today at 813-359-8990 or via our website.