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Tampa Area Schools – South Tampa Schools – Tampa Bay School Districts – Gorrie Elementary

Hello Tampa!

We are regularly asked about the schools in particular neighborhoods when a customer is deciding to buy a home.  As an agent, we aren’t typically qualified to tell you whether a school is “good” or “bad” – so we generally rely on the State’s Grading System to tell us whether a school is “A”, “B”, “C” and so on.  The State’s Department of Education grades schools on a variety of characteristics and that site can be found here – . There are also great sites such as that review schools and have comments posted from actual parents at those schools.

In Tampa, a lot of brokers do not list on the multiple listing service what school districts a particular property resides in.  This is especially true for bank owned properties when there is very little disclosed.  Hillsborough County hosts a site that allows you to simply type in the property address and the schools are automatically listed for that particular property.  That site can be found here –

In South Tampa for example, the schools are mostly A Rated schools.  South Tampa has some of the best schools in the area and state.  I receive regular requests from parents who want their children to go to Gorrie Elementary which is generally recognized as one of if not the best elementary school locally.  While there are other A Rated elementary schools in South Tampa such as Grady and Dale Mabry Elementary – Gorrie seems to be the one in most demand.