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Tampa Property Taxes – Tampa Real Estate – Appeal Process for Property taxes – Tampa

Hello Tampa!

As mentioned in my previous post, Rob Turner, the property appraiser for Hillsborough County came by our office this week.  One hot topic was the drastic decline in values and how in many instances, we aren’t seeing as much of a drop in taxes.  He explained how taxes were in arrears and comparable sales to calculate taxes are up to a year behind your purchase, so sometimes it takes a bit for the taxes to correct with assessments/value. 

He did describe the process of filing an appeal in Hillsborough County to have your taxes reduced.  We recently had a customer ask us to prepare a market analysis in which the customer was able to successfully challenge and reduce their tax bill.  The key is to make sure to use comparable sales that fit the tax year.  If you are a homeowner and interested in this type of help, let us know.  Below is what I typed up from a document Rob Turner passed out to us to explain the appeal process:

THE APPEAL PROCESS If a property owner disagrees with their value or has been denied an exemption, they should contact our office. The first party to review an appraisal with the property owner is a member of the Property Appraiser’s Office. Usually, objections are settled during this phase after the property owner’s position is considered and an appraiser gives a complete explanation of how a value was derived. If unsatisfied after that initial review and possible adjustment, the property owner may then petition the Value Adjustment Board.

The Value Adjustment Board was created by State law and is comprised of three members of the Hillsborough County Commission and two members of the School Board. It is administered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court as a neutral body.

The Board appoints Special Masters who are qualified real estate appraisers or attorneys to conduct hearings on disputed properties. They act totally independent of the Property Appraiser’s Office. The Property Appraiser is simply a party before the board, just as is the petitioner.

The only questions the Special Masters are appointed to determine are whether the appraised value of a petitioned property exceeds its market value as of January 1 or if the exemption applied for is legitimate. It is important that the petitioner supplies all the information requested on the petition to make it easier for the Board to review the appeal.

Value Adjustment Board hearings are held in October. Forms for that purpose are available at the Property Appraiser’s Office at 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 16th Floor.

For more information about the Value Adjustment Board, please call the Clerk of the Circuit Court at (813)276-8100 ext. 4354 or by visiting their website. If not satisfied with the Board’s decision or if you did not file a petition with the Board, you may file a civil action in the Circuit Court.