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The Duncan Duo is Now Offering Streaming Videos of Our Listings

Hello Tampa Bay!

In mid 2008, The Duncan Duo & Associates started offering something innovative that not a lot of agents were doing in Tampa.  We now shoot and stream video of EVERY one of our listings on our YouTube page at:

The benefit of this service is to both buyer and seller.  Buyers are able to spend less time driving around and looking at listings, they can tune in to our YouTube page and find out most of the info they need to determine if the home fits their needs.  We try to put the YouTube links in all of our advertising efforts so they are easily found.  Its also a great resource for buyers to help remind them of the facets of the property, especially after looking at so many during a given day or time period.

Sellers benefit because it maximizes exposure for the home, helps rank their home high in search engines and eliminates a lot of “tire kicker” or nosey neighbor showings.  Its the most innovative and thorough virtual tour out there.  We know that many of the buyers looking at the home have seen the video and our really seeing the home for the 2nd time the first time they enter.  It makes the presentation of the home ever more important.

If you are thinking about listing your home, ask your agent if they are trying innovative tools like this to think outside the box in this very competitive market.  You need all of the exposure and leverage you can get to get your home sold now.